Ignite your brand promise

If your company has a promise, who made it?
The first place we look to find this is within each of you. We do this by guiding you through a Brand Archetyping process using this creative strategy toolkit. use of archetypes, as well as how to apply archetypes in a variety of business contexts. Archetypes in Branding is a practical tool to:

  • Understand the “Character” of your brand

  • Reveal your brand's motivations, how it moves in the world, what its trigger points are and why it attracts certain customers.

How do you show up in the field?
Next we undertake an exercise that places your personality amongst your competitors. This will help us evaluate your perception from the outside in a way that captures critical first impressions.

  • Identify the “table stakes” of your industry

  • Align on key factors that can accomplish differentiation

What’s your legacy?
Over a timeline, what’s the history of the business and what baggage needs to move forward vs. being thrown out? The next part takes stock of the promise of the past and ensuring that the promise of the future is how you will show up.


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How do you want your brand to make people feel? When you identify this it’s possible to design interactions that enhance your relationships with customers and clients.

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