5 ways that meetings can be more fun when you start them with drawing

Here are five reasons why you should consider adopting this practice — and don’t worry, drawing skills are not required. Simply the act of exercising a different part of the brain will get you results.

1. Increase Participation

Let’s face it, no one wants to sit through another boring meeting of power point bullets. Starting a meeting with a drawing exercise gets the brain ready to collaborate and participate.

2. Shift Perspective

By using a different part of the brain, you open your mind up to a different take on the usual agenda items for discussion.

3. More Fun

Remember a time when drawing was fun? When you were in Kindergarden, everyone was an artist. Drawing helps everyone reconnect with that joy. And when you celebrate each drawing for it’s uniqueness, it’s a positive way to inject more fun into the meeting.

4. Stimulating the Brain Unleashes Its Power

The act of creating a visual image triggers the imagination, which enhances creativity, broadens possibilities, and increases the likelihood of a valuable outcome. If you want your people to add value, unlock their mind and unleash it with a drawing exercise.

5. Stress-breaker

Drawing requires concentration. When you focus on drawing, you’re not focusing on staff politics, client problems, or personal issues. If you have a particularly problematic group, a drawing exercise can reduce the stress level of the team and make productivity more possible.

Tina Schweiger