Good Idea #002 - Storyboard it!

Are you launching a new product? I bet you spend all day (and maybe even the night) thinking about it. And that’s what it takes, and more, to not only launch it but have it become successful. The unfortunate reality is, most products fail to become successful. Check out this Harvard Business Review article by Joan Schneider and Julie Hall that details five fatal flaws with product launches. One insight:

The biggest problem we’ve encountered is lack of preparation: Companies are so focused on designing and manufacturing new products that they postpone the hard work of getting ready to market them until too late in the game.

Here’s a quick way to jump-start yourself out of that trap, if you happen to find yourself in the weeds of the complexity of a product launch.

Take a step back, and storyboard a “Day in the Life” of your target customer. How do they start their day? Look at every hour… where do they go to lunch? Who do they work with? What are they immersed in? And finally, what small slice of their day will your product occupy? Will they be alone, or with others? Will they use it to influence someone or escape?

Reconnect with your original passion and purpose, and challenge yourself to consider all the ways your product will become a part of the story of your customer’s life.

Tina Schweiger