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There is a variety of workshops we offer based on our human-centered design thinking method. If your company is in need of help creating a framework to solve a problem, launch an idea or simply define a strategy – we have an efficient and effective way to get to answers and tactics quickly.



We have developed a systematic, efficient way to develop your message. We help you develop a message platform that unifies your organizations and communicates your value and promise to every level of your organization. If you don’t have clarity about your message or how to deliver it, you’re limiting your brand’s potential. 

Digital Transformation

Everyone struggles on identifying the true pain points of a customer’s digital touch points. We can show and help you design your digital infrastructure and help you innovate on new ideas and ways to streamline the process. We can analyze your successes and help you better position your offering.


Every touch point matters and road mapping the customer experience can help you define avenues for effective service. We can help you create a culture that empowers strategic design and humanize the automated interactions. We can explore the utilization of AI to charter the employee experience.

Brand Expression

What’s the value of a brand? The value of a brand is how much extra someone will invest versus the other substitutes. It’s the substance that drives people to care more. The role of brand is to connect to people who care and figure out how to make it matter to them more. We help you design a holistic brand ecosystem, identify customer perceptions, develop personas and innovate on services and products that best represent your brand.

Cultural Transformation

Culture is a key word in the success of a company. We can help activate the frozen middle, assemble executive level buy-in and design for sustainable buy-in. We can align diverse groups with a common vision and message and create unified collaboration on projects.

Employee Engagement

Finding your passion and purpose in a role can stagnate work’s progression. We can help the leaders in Human Resources engage employees in new ways with design thinking methodologies and initiatives. We see a new way of understanding your employees journey with the application of design thinking for the on-boarding process.

Mission & Purpose Innovation

Customer expectations are evolving rapidly and the rate of change continues to accelerate. The Customer Experience is the key differentiator driving company success and we know how to address the “now factor” that fuels innovation. Growing beyond the promise of your company and how to foster an agile culture, we can facilitate on a new way of getting ahead rather than reacting to customer requests.

Strategic Collaboration

Design thinking has dramatically transformed over the last few years. Spanning from digital, cultural, organization and brand transformation, the design thinking process brings collaboration across segments, stakeholder buy-in and an emphasis on the customer. We have a framework, tools and a system in which you operate to align your team on innovation or tactics at hand. We help disrupt and/or demonstrate the purpose and promise of a company or its leadership vision.

Product Design

Unifying on ideas, identifying meaningful products to pursue and defining a plan of launch and is critical in fostering an innovative mindset for all teams involved. We help facilitate and empower areas of innovation across teams, create methods of rapid prototyping and reiteration and develop strategic ideation before implementation.


Marketing, Advertising & Design

We collaborate with well+done DESIGN to develop and create a clean, solid and smart brand. They design and development corporate identities, websites, print collateral, advertising campaigns, packaging, direct mail, signage, merchandise and interiors.

Corporate Events & Talent

We collaborate with Cinergy Works for all aspects of any event. From talent acquisition, entertainment booking to lighting and catering production – they produce regional, national and international events ranging from high profile events such as Super Bowl LIVE, Fortune 100 Corporate Conferences to custom private events with top entertainment talent.


We collaborate with NOVA Leadership to guide executives to realize their full potential and build the confidence to achieve more. They develop leadership skills with executives and those with a high potential for an executive role, in both privately held and public enterprise companies.